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A picture paints a thousand words

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Welcome to my Art website                                         

Jenny Foley                                                   

Essentially a self taught artist, Jenny has always had an interest in drawing, painting and combining and expressing both in bright colour's.  In her early twenties  while working for an Architectural Practice Jenny began working on ideas of seeing objects and places of interest in bright colour's rather than the otherwise normal everyday dullness of her surroundings.  'Colour is to be explored, not just seen'

 Jenny has just recently completed a PLC, Fetac Level 5 Course through Wexford Vocational College, Westgate, Co. Wexford.  Jenny has also completed and taken part in her first exhibition along with another 18 of her fellow classmates.


After completing the PLC, Fetac Level 5 Art/Craft/Design Course, Jenny has now applied to the Carlow IT, Wexford Campus to pursue her studies at a third level.  While waiting on acceptance for a third level course Jenny is currently working on an art submission for the National Crafts Competition and Student Art Awards Exhibition‏.